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Hag Sukkot Sameah – Happy Sukkot Holiday


On the kibbutz, each neighbourhood has built its own Sukkah to commemorate the wandering of the Hebrews after fleeing from Egyptian slavery (Passover story – you know the one). The ‘mitzvah’ is to sleep in a Sukkah that is built with at least 3 free-standing walls and a roof made of branches through which you can see the stars.

Have a seat in the Sukkah

Have a seat in the Sukkah

Looking up through palm fronds It’s also the season of carob trees and I’ve set my brownies to half cocoa/half carob to push Autumn into showing her face.

Carob ('Haroov') Tree with fruit

Carob 'Haroov' Tree with fruit

Two shots of the Sukkah outside of the Youth Clubhouse, with thanks to Ofer Shamir.

Baruchim haBa'im - All Welcome

Baruchim haBa'im (All Welcome)

Sukka, Moadon Ne'urim (youth clubhouse)

Sukka, Moadon Ne'urim (outside the Youth clubhouse)



“Ceasefire” (Regiyah)

In other news, there’s a collaborative art exhibit that is taking place on a number of Kibbutzim. Ceasefire is composed of photos, sculptures, videos and other artwork all to celebrate this time of ceasefire.
In the White House Gallery, Kibbutz Nir-Oz, we have a show of sculptures by a number of sculptors.
More news and photos to come.
Happy Sukkot to all

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