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Sunday Update – Building the New School +/- more news

First for the good news.

The building has really picked up speed. I’ll post shots from the northern side on Sunday. Meanwhile, please note that there is a wall in sight from the window of my 10th Grade Classroom.

Looking out from 10th Grade, Ma'ale Habsor

Looking out from 10th Grade, Ma

 More photos:

Sunday view

Sunday view





See the structure!

See the structure!

Next, we had a fabulous Blues Concert this past Monday, featuring the FunkyUblues band, with Roy Young and his utterly fantastic big blues voice.

Roy Young sings the Blues

Roy Young sings the Blues


The concert was for Ma’ale Habsor and Habsor  High School students. I managed to arrive after teaching 8th grade (Junior High kids were not invited this time), just in time to see a Habsor student up on stage with Roy, who was trying with humour to invite other kids.

He managed to convince Etti, an Habsor Math teacher, to join him and then along came 3 other students from Ma’ale Habsor: Rahm, Dolev and Rose. He did a back and forth with them, sent them back to the audience and then he played with the audience in the same rhythmic groove. Wonderful concert! The big finale was Stevie Wonder’s “Superstitious” and his guitarists took wild solos while Roy left the stage.

Roy’s been in Israel for awhile, brought over by Haim Saban, and he’s married to an Israeli. Very cool to know we’ve got genuine Blues happening here in the country, and better yet when it shows up in Otef Azza.

Nothing cheers you up more than singing the Blues.

And for the bad news: Qassams were heard this week, along with the staccato of gunfire. The noise came from Azza and we were surprised to find that the old feelings of fear and anxiety were not far below the surface, even after this period of relative calm.

Speaking to people in the area, I gather that the cease-fire is allowing all of us to breathe easier but still not free from the knowledge that it could start up again at any time.

Singing the blues helps.

Have a great weekend. I’ll be back before Rosh Hashana with more photos of the new Ma’ale Habsor/Habsor building site.




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