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Friday Update: Building the New School in Eshkol Municipality

A New building for Ma’ale Habsor and Habsor Schools

As I commented previously, the State has decided that students in this area of Otef Azza need to be protected. The most efficient way of doing so is to combine the Moshav based school Habsor with the Kibbutz based school Ma’ale Habsor in one comprehensive campus.

The plans consist of 4 units, each containing classrooms and or specialty subjects (labs, communications, English centre, Nutrition, Art, Clothing design, Machine Shop, woodworking, and so on). Eventually there’ll be an auditorium and cafeteria as well.

The flavour of Ma’ale Habsor, filled with green areas, is to be kept, while all the units will be protected according to Security demands.

On this space, I’ll provide weekly photo updates to give you an idea of how things are coming along. Projected time of completion is in about 8 months.

Looking in from the North entrance to the school

Looking in from the North entrance to the school

close-up, same angle

close-up, same angle

What else?

Meanwhile, we’re working. Classrooms have been shifted. Some English classes find themselves shifting from room to room during the week. Until we get used to this routine, it’s demanding we keep on our toes.

“Mashov” for Tracking Progress

Teachers are now using the computerized “Mashov” (‘Feedback’), a system  of recording student behaviour and keeping our own lesson plans up to date. Though we teachers were wary of trusting a new system of computer accounting (the previous system rarely worked the way it could have), this one seems to be fine.  We can file attendance, behaviour violations, and also message one another to relay positive feedback on students and events, all in one place. We can enter grades for tests and projects, and the program does its own ‘excel’ like computations. And it’s fast!

Albany/Mexico and Ma’ale Habsor Student Connections

We’re starting again to build a connection between some of our Junior High Students and those from Albany at Bet Shraga School and Mexico City pupils from Yavne School. Anat Rozen and I will work co-operatively to encourage the growth of personal and class-class connections. Eighth grade pupils will be in touch with Albany, and ninth graders will be in connection with Mexico City. We’re hoping that a broadened understanding of one another’s cultures will bring us together.


This week signalled the beginning of those in the Eshkol area getting together to work towards independent media. Lily Bar-Am Kazado hosted the meeting at Kibbutz Sufa, this past Tuesday, September 9, 2008. Representatives from the non-profit organization, Shakoof, Journalism for Democracy, were there to encourage all to participate in bringing the media back into the hands of the people, as opposed to being supervised by big business.

For further information: or in English:

That’s about it for now. Please write your comments, ask questions, be in touch.

We’re a small world and we can get to know one another so very easily.



2 responses to “Friday Update: Building the New School in Eshkol Municipality

  1. talkingnow ⋅

    Dear Dr. Ory,
    We have seen what media in the hands of big business has done in other countries. Let’s learn our lesson sooner, rather than later.
    Let’s take our energy and focus on spreading the truth rather than disinformation meant to keep the truth shut away.

    All the best to everybody involved in Shakoof

  2. Judih –

    Many thanks for the mention of our efforts at “Shakoof”.
    For me, this project symbolizes the wish of a great many people to take a democratic stance, which will revert first the media, then government, to the hands of the people.
    We are tired of being ruled over by professional politicians and their oligarchic big-finance overlords.

    All best!

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