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We don’t need…..HELP….Safe Inside….by Yuval Revia

safe inside (HELP!)We don\'t need helpWe\'re safe insideYuval Revia, a student at Ma’ale Habsor Regional High School did his graduate art assignment on a concrete fortification.

Two faces of what’s going on.

The outside: We don’t need help

and the inside: We’re safe inside

This continues a series of artwork done by residents in the area


2 responses to “We don’t need…..HELP….Safe Inside….by Yuval Revia

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  2. talkingnow ⋅

    On the way to watch a scientific friend launch a small rocket for the viewing pleasure of the neighbouring public school kids, I saw some Ma’ale Habsor students sitting inside of Yuval’s artwork.

    Q: What do you think of this artwork?
    A: I like it.
    A: The outside is pretty, the inside is sad.
    A: We don’t speak English in here, only in the classroom.
    Q: (in Hebrew). Ha im atem ohevim et ha mivneh hazeh? (Do you like this structure?)
    A: (translated) Yes, but what’s that grass doing here?
    Me: It’s part of the environment. He’s showing that this is how we live our lives. Protected by concrete.
    Them: Hmm. (thoughtful nods)
    Q: What do you think of his technique?
    A: It’s great.
    Me: Okay, thanks, kids.
    Them: Shalom, Judih. Remember, we’ll talk English in class. As much as you want.

    (May 29, 2008)

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