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Otef Azza

White House Gallery, Kibbutz Nir-Oz

The White House Gallery, Kibbutz Nir-Oz, Western Negev.

We’ve had a show for the past 2 weekends (May 9/10 & May 16/17) called ‘Otef Azza’ – ‘Surrounding Azza’, a 3-exhibitor installation. Haim Peri, who runs the White House Gallery, installed graffiti in one of the 3 rooms, his red words of desperation etched upon the walls.

Yossi Wahab showed flawlessly clean photos of the protected Children’s Houses, the concrete slabs that protect students at school and the ever-present cold grey reinforcements that we are living with these days.

Naomit Dekel-Chen, in collaboration with Haim, created 3 installations of kibbutz life lived under concrete roofs: sweet, sturdy sunflowers; an outdoor pool surrounded by lounging ceramic figures, and an old-time family house displaying photos of earlier days, shirtless male fieldworkers, peaceful tractor riders and luscious window boxes of blooming flowers.                                                             House under concrete       .Sunflowers under concretpool under concrete

An exhibit of journalistic truths. 

Here are the three exhibitors: left to right: Haim Peri, Yossi Wahab, Naomit Dekel-Chen.

(photos taken May 18, 2008 by Judih weinstein haggai)

3 exhibitors

j w h. May 18/2008



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  2. talkingnow ⋅

    editor’s note:
    Update. The exhibitors were asked to set up the exhibit once more for a group of Sochnut (Jewish Agency) who were scheduled to come to Kibbutz Nir-Oz to visit with R.Pauker, our kibbutz lawn expert and see the White House Gallery.

    So, once more the exhibit was set up, but the Sochnut never made it to the gallery. Instead, they apparently were enthralled by reports of how Ran has been advising on the cultivation of lawns with minimal hydration. He’s an international expert, and has a good number of success stories.

    Unfortunate for the exhibitors. Oh well, next time?

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